Sunday, 23 March 2014

Netball Results

Tuesday 11th March. The Y10 & Y11 netball teams played at home against Wigmore.

A win for the unstoppable Y11 team. Congratulations.
Eden Rogers
Lucy Grosvenor
Georgia Noble
Lucy Morgan
Jemimah Williams
Samantha Jenner
Elllie Webb
Nuala Flynn
An unfortunate loss for the Y10 team.
Jade Burgess
Sienna Lywood
Chloe Pitt
Maisie Farr
Beth Winter
Sabine Celton
Ruth Dallow
Beth Bufton
Thursday 13th March. Y7 tournament at Hereford Academy.
Report written by Hebe Garbutt.

Monday 17th March. Y7 & Y8 B team tournament at Earl Mortimer College.
Congratulations to the Y7B team who came 4th out of 6 teams.
Lara Price
Ella Wright
Shannon Flynn
Izzy Griffiths
Molly Cole
Cerys McIntosh
Ellie Ferguson
Lou Lewis
Well done to the Y8B team who came 5th out of 6 teams.
Ella Snape
Paisley Bayliss
Polly Gunn
Megan Ward
Lucy Pitt
Amy Knight
Hannah Lancaster
Chloe Blount
On the 18th March the Y8 & Y9 netball teams played away at Wigmore.
Some excellent passing and game play from Tenbury unfortunately ending Wigmore 10 - Tenbury 3.
Sarah McCrann
Jade Hughes
Claire Jones
Jemima Lywood
Kaitlyn Leadbetter
Evie Liddell
Amy Harris
The Y9 Team found themselves down to 6 players after the first half of this game but still managed to keep their cool and win with a fantastic score; Wigmore 6 - Tenbury 14.
Wednesday 19th March Y9 vs Lucton
Unfortunately, with two injured players, THS played a really tough game with 6 players against Lucton. After drawing against them at the Y9 tournament earlier in the season they knew it would be difficult. The score after the  first half was Tenbury  6 -  Lucton 11 but then Lucton pulled away and the game ended Tenbury 8 -  Lucton 22. Despite injuries the girls kept their heads up and played really well. Well done.
  1. Kitty Houchin (injured)
  2. Rosie Lidell  
  3. Eve Watson (injured)
  4. Molly Speed
  5. Verity Van Straaten
  6. Natasha Herbert
  7. Summer Davies
  8. Imogen Elliott
Thursday 3rd April. Y9 and Y11 vs St Mary's.
The year 11 team will end their season, and their THS netball experience, with a home game against their closest opponents St Mary's. One to watch! 
Good luck to both teams.