Monday, 3 November 2014

D of E Cycle Practice

During half term we took 10 Yr 11s cycling for their Duke of Edinburgh practice expedition. The idea was for them to: get used to cycling in groups, along a pre planned route, carrying all their kit and using the trailers and panniers.

They started in Stourport on Monday and soon found the old railway line which met the canal. They followed this through Stourport and cycled into Kidderminster and then Wolverly. After a short stop at the Lock in Wolverly the boys had a bite to eat, adjusted their kit and had to fix their first puncture.
Soon after they continued onto Kinver.

Tuesdays route began at Kinver where we met up with Mr and Mrs Cartwright (Miss Cartwright's parents) and the boys had a tour of their boat. Mr Taylor and Mr Morris had a cup of coffee and a bacon sandwich in the glorious Staffordshire sun.

Miss Cartwright explained to the boys how the locks work and then demonstrated how they should be opened. Following this, the boys cycled onto the next lock where they met the boat and had a go themselves at opening the lock.

The next part of the journey involved them cycling on through to the outskirts of Wolverhampton where they had a glimpse of the Wolverhampton Wanderers Academy. During this phase of the route they had 4 or 5 punctures to repair. Practice makes perfect!

All 10 pupils are now eager to complete their final expedition, around the Brecon Beacons, which we plan to do around the Easter holidays next year.

Overall it was a lovely 2 days and the boys learnt a few things that will be essential for their final expedition.

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