Wednesday, 10 June 2015

The York rematch

Last weekend (5th-7th June) it was our turn to host the York manor school for their return tour to Tenbury.

On Saturday morning our year 8 teams challenged them to a football (boys) and rounders (girls) match.

The boys and girls both ended up coming second against a very good York outfit.
Below is the team photo of the boys.

Also, thank you to the following girls for their hard fought rounders game:
Izzy Griffiths
Hebe Garbutt

Leona Bayliss
Cerys McIntosh
Shaffarley Bagley

Elise D'Arcy
Kate Lamonby
Georgia King
Jodie Hanford
Lily Robinson
Molly Cole
Lucy Watts

Holly Watson
Louise Lewis
Lara Price
Ella Wright
Anna Bemand

Zoe Evans

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